Yes, This Home Confirms the Updated Traditional Trend Isn't Going Anywhere

Sacha Strebe

Adam Macchia; DESIGN: BHDM

We first heard the phrase when Emily Henderson coined it in her Portland kitchen reveal, but we've seen the modern traditional trend coming for a while. Henderson calls it "updated traditional," but the designer of this stunning 11,000-square-foot home in Westfield, New Jersey calls it "classic traditional." Either way, the traditional twist on contemporary homes isn't going anywhere in 2019.

In fact, Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design is renowned for this look, and you can really see it shine in this seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom home. "Our goal was to take a traditional feeling house and have it live and function as a modern home," he says. "We also wanted it to feel lived in and have a sense of history, despite being a new build." Mazzarini tailormade this home to serve the different needs of each family member. For example, he tells me the homeowners like to entertain so he designed a formal entryway to welcome guests in style.

The dining room and library feature deep, moody colours, providing beautiful, adult spaces to hang out in, but he didn't want to deny room for the children to play either. As you move through the house, the formality of the entrance and reception rooms give way to the family-friendly, open-plan kitchen and dining spaces. "We tried to incorporate a mix of polish and personality to give the house a livable feeling that's both upscale and unfussy at the same time," he says.

Now that's a house we want to live in. Read on to see how he fused the traditional and modern worlds together.

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