Home Tour: An Edgy Spanish-Style Home

by Bethany Nauert
When Sally Breer, of Co-Mingle Home, was hired to help make a gorgeous 1927 Los Angeles home a fitting first place for Amy Walker and Reid Carolin, she knew she needed to find pieces that would grow and evolve along with them. "A major goal in the process was finding pieces that they both equally loved. We had to make a conscious effort to make sure the space had a balance of femininity and masculinity." Fortunately, for Breer, the couple agreed on most items and made decisions easily together. "The other major focus for the space was making it low maintenance, without sacrificing style," she says. _1 The playful items in the home can be attributed to the couple's encouragement for Breer to go wild with ideas. "I always want people to enjoy their space," says Breer. "In my opinion, you don't have to sacrifice design to have a space you can actually use, enjoy, and be proud to host in." She always starts by asking her clients how they intend to use the home, and for this couple it was entertaining. It was the idea of hosting their musician friends that turned the living room into an entertainment space. "They had mentioned wanting a microphone stand and a stool to live in a corner, inviting performances during parties." she says. "I took it a step further and pitched them the idea of building a small elevated stage, inspired by the bohemian stages in old dive bars. But, the stage we built just sits on top of the existing wood floor so if they decide in a couple years that they don't want a stage in their living room anymore, it's an easy transition."
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 801 Rug Sitting Stool, $164, Etsy  Hard-wired Swing-Arm Lamp, $95, One Forty Three Prouve Style Plywood Industrial Chairs, $225, Amsterdam Modern 
_2 When your client allows you total creative freedom, it makes for a facile working relationship. Taking note of what was important to them, Breer felt sense of trust and understanding. "They are the loveliest couple," Breer boasts. She is also thankful that their style was akin to hers, which she says is "always evolving." When asked to describe her style at this very moment, Breer stated, "If a 1960s bohemian, earthy, artist woman and a 1970s bachelor who worked as a museum archivist had a baby, my style would be that baby."
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 Large Industrial Warehouse Pendant, $465, Shades of Light  Globe on Tripod, $78, Shop Class Ovieto Chaise, from $2395, Restoration Hardware 
For more of Breer's work visit Co-Mingle Home. beth Text and Photography: Bethany Nauert, Styling: Jake Harrison

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