You'll Never Believe What This Stunning Kitchen Looked Like Before the Remodel

Sacha Strebe

If there is one place in my small apartment that I truly want to tear down and redesign, it's the kitchen. It doesn't have much cupboard or counter space and it's incredibly narrow, so it's hard when more than one person wants to get into the kitchen or cook together, which my husband and I love to do. So you can imagine how my heart skips a beat when I see another kitchen remodel. Case in point, this stunning modern transformation. The home was originally designed by architect William Krisel in 1956 in the midcentury-modern ranch style, so it was clear to Vanessa Matsalla of Studio Matsalla Interiors when she embarked on this project that it was in desperate need of a modern makeover. 

And make it over she did. Matsalla and her team were tasked with a complete redesign and conversion that involved fusing the existing office with the adjoining kitchen to become one big entertainment area. "My clients are both creative professionals, so the pressure was on to design something that would blow them away," she tells me. "Functionally, my goal was to create a space that felt inviting for children's play, day-to-day use, and entertaining."

Read below to discover just how Matsalla did it and see some amazing before-and-after photos that will make your jaw drop to the floor. 

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