Inside Our Co-Founder's Gender-Neutral Nursery (It's Anything But Childish)

Sophie Miura

For MyDomaine's co-founder Hillary Kerr, the perfect nursery is somewhat of a contradiction. When it came time to decorate a space for her son, Clark, she wanted to create a nursery that was child-friendly but not overly childish. "We bought our first home shortly after Clark was born and wanted to make something really special for him without it feeling too gendered or babyish," she explains.

Kerr and her husband, Jonathan Leahy, tapped interior designer and vintage specialist Deborah Rhein-Gleiberman of D.L Rhein to turn their dream nursery into a reality. "We were so excited to work with Deborah to design a space that's serene and slightly whimsical and filled with our favourite thing—books!"

Kerr's love of books creates a subtle literary theme throughout the nursery. Stacks of children's books adorn shelves, covers are framed as artwork, and even the wallpaper evokes a sense of adventure from a childhood classic. "We are quite fond of the wallpaper mural, which is by Rebel Walls. It feels like something from Where The Wild Things Are, and Clark loves looking at it," she says.

Take a peek inside Clark's gorgeous green nursery, a personality-packed space that's anything but childish.

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