This 1900s Converted Swedish Barn Makes Eco-Friendly a Way of Life

Sacha Strebe

You've most likely heard of (and enjoyed) a staycation by now, but have you ever taken a "slowcation"? Since the slow movement hit the pause button on our fast-paced lifestyles, people now want to incorporate the chill trend into their travel experiences too. It's the antithesis of a whirlwind trip: Instead, you wind back the clock, clear your schedule, and relax. This is exactly the sentiment Julia and Carl Lindeborg wanted to create when they opened the Lindeborg's Eco Retreat and Eco Barn in Sweden. "Our goal is also to design a space both inside and out that invites people to let go of stress and inspire creativity," Lindeborg tells MyDomaine.

But creating a stress-free environment was just one of their objectives for the modern farmhouse retreat. The husband and wife team also wanted to create the world's first CO2 negative and sustainable hotel, conference, and retreat, located just one and a half hours from Stockholm. The end result is truly an inspiration and a demonstration farm, both for future-proof technologies and sustainable design.

In the middle of the farm stands the Eco Barn, a 100-year-old structure (originally built in 1907 from the farm's own forest), which has been renovated with the latest in eco-materials and which has (together with the rest of the farm) been made CO2 negative. How? "With the use of a pyrolysis system (a new innovative biochar technology from Germany), we burn wood pellets which becomes biochar," Lindeborg explained. "The biochar is put back into the surrounding field as nutrition, and in this way, we can store carbon dioxide instead of letting it out into the atmosphere."

Step inside this beautiful converted Swedish red barn and experience an eco-friendly space that is truly chic and modern.

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