14 Modern Desert Décor Ideas That Bring the Vacay Vibes Home

Gabrielle Savoie

Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

When most people refer to modern desert décor, they refer to the American southwest—the arid landscapes of Joshua Tree, the vast canyons of Arizona, the large drylands of New Mexico. But modern desert décor is much more than just American. Borrowing, of course, from Native American and Mexican influences—with Navajo patterns, aged leather, and cowhides—the style is also influenced by many other desert communities around the world: Morocco, Chile, Turkey, Colombia.

The result is a warm and worldly look filled with clean lines, desert-hues, and influences from around the globe. How exactly do you get the modern desert décor look in your home? Start with rustic materials like worn leather, cowhide, and wood, but keep the furniture lines simple. Infuse your space with warm hues like ochre, tan, sand, and even bright pink, orange, or red, but stay away from blues and greens. Add in worldly influences like Moroccan poufs, Turkish kilim pillows, Mexican serapes, and Colombian blankets. To help you get started, we selected some of our favourite modern desert décor picks.

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