Mobile Home: Best Apps for Design and Living

by Melissa Goldstein
home-apps-01 An office favourite, this iPhone app captures colours as you scan the room with your phone, then presents you with suggested palettes based on the scene that you can save and email for future room makeover reference. Free, Apple iOS home-apps-02 One of MacWorld's Best Apple Products of the year, Homestyler uses a photo of your own space to allow you to test-drive your design vision with Dupont paint colours on your walls, and high-quality 3D models of real furniture products from the likes of B&B Italia and Jonathan Adler. Free, Apple iOS, Android home-apps-03 This home improvement planner offers everything from pre-built shopping lists to project cost estimates and video tutorials--so if you need help sussing out the amount of paint, moulding and wainscoting you'll require for a room, look no further. $2, Apple iOS home-apps-04 This pro tool takes the guesswork out of aligning frames and other slope measurements, and will even tell you out loud if something's straight--convenient, since your hands are probably busy. For those who just want a no-frills digital level, the free iHandy Level will also do the trick. $2, Apple iOSAndroid home-apps-05 Like a personal assistant for your refrigerator, Freshbox helps to record and monitor the shelf life of your food on your iPhone, reminds you when perishable goods are about to expire, and also tracks medicine and cosmetics dates. $1, Apple iOS home-apps-06 New hope for the green thumb-less: this app offers advice on what to grow and when to grow it that's tailored to your geographic area--and even reminds you when to water and fertilize. For Android users, the Green Drop Pro ($3) is a worthy alternative. $2, Apple iOS home-apps-07 WIRED sums up this feature-rich iPhone app as "like Lifehacker for your home," and we're inclined to agree: it covers all of the important tasks, including cleaning tips and tricks that span unclogging a showerhead to recipes for homemade disinfectant spray. Free, Apple iOS home-apps-08 Designed for both the iPad and iPhone, this simple-to-use app measures your room and draws the floor plan by using your built-in camera, then allows you to export it in PDF, JPG or DXF format, or publish an interactive floor plan on the web. Free, Apple iOS home-apps-09 For anyone who's ever been caught in a messy game of find-the-wall-stud, this app helps you to zero-in on that perfect spot for hanging, and avoid adding unsightly holes to your space. $3, Apple iOS home-apps-10 Dying to know how that Ektorp sofa will look in your library? IKEA's 2014 catalogue enables users to scan its augmented-reality-enabled product pages with the brand's own app, then toss the catalogue on the floor where they want to see the digital version of the product appear. The app superimposes a 3D model of the item on your mobile device's screen. Don't get it? Peep a demo here. Free, Apple iOS, Android              

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