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Q. How can I mix styles in my home without it looking like a garage sale? Tying together various styles and looks into your home is definitely a skill, which is why I adopt the mentality of less is more. Less does not have to mean bare, nor does it mean dull. Instead, think about the key pieces in each of the spaces in your home, and how you want to highlight them by incorporating other unexpected elements.


When In Doubt, Start Small: If you are reluctant to mix different styles on a large scale, first try and incorporate smaller accessories into your home such as throws and pillows. Displaying organic or natural accessories on a sleek, contemporary console, will add intrigue to both.Live In Harmony: I love to mix complementary styles, as opposed to choosing furniture that does not work together in harmony. For example, a midcentury modern sofa would work beautifully with a Moroccan rug because of the contrast between the clean, simple lines of the sofa and the fine, textured detailing of the rug. These seemingly opposite components combine to add an element of surprise and intrigue to the space.

Concentrate On A Single Piece: Mixing styles can also work on a single piece of furniture. I love to use detailed pieces of furniture, but then break them down to give a more deconstructed look. For example, a vintage french chaise could become more contemporary through simple linen fabric and a striped finish on the wood carvings. In this way, you are adopting a real mix of styles by paying respect to history, while still reinventing certain elements. Have you successfully mixed styles in your home? Tweet us a picture at @DomaineHome. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Estee Stanley

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