Farewell, Minimalism—Mixing Furniture Styles Is the New Big Trend

Gabrielle Savoie

Let's start with a baseline set of facts: Very few people decorate with furniture sets anymore. And while it's easy to fall into the trap of following a specific trending style—midcentury, Scandinavian, traditional—the most impactful spaces are the ones that effortlessly combine elements from multiple periods, styles, and places. After all, you can only purchase so many midcentury pieces before you home starts looking like a set of Mad Men.

But mixing different periods and styles can feel overwhelming if you've never done it before. When we start decorating our homes, we often turn to big-box stores first to help us furnish rooms with the essentials: quality sofas, sturdy beds, spacious dining tables. But once this is done, it's time to think of our rooms in terms of layering: adding these smaller furniture pieces, antiques, objects, and soft furnishings that will make our space feel unique and personal.

Ready to scour your local antique store in search of the perfect vintage piece to add to your modern home? Here are a few foolproof decorating tips to help you start mixing furniture styles.

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