Miranda Kerr Shares Her Favourite Entertaining Memories

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Just when we thought Miranda Kerr couldn’t possibly add any more feathers to her cap and her extraordinary career, we were wrong. The ever-so-successful home-grown beauty has just designed and launched another collection with Royal Albert—this time a stemware range to add to her existing teaware range.

To celebrate her new, elegant collection—which was inspired by her beachside Malibu home—we spoke exclusively to Kerr about her favourite and most memorable entertaining moments, her go-to cocktail, and her foolproof last-minute dinner party recipe. Read on for an insight into Kerr’s after-five life.

MYDOMAINE: Your new Royal Albert range was inspired by your Malibu home. What is your favourite memory from entertaining at home?

MIRANDA KERR: Wow, I have lots of favourite memories at home, but I feel like it was quite magical actually when we shot the campaign at my house, because it was the first time I had all of my tea set collection, the stemwear collection. I had the vases out, the flowers out—everything was really beautiful and a few of my friends were there at the same time, so it really created that atmosphere that we’re really actually having a tea party. We were having a good time, we had the music going and then they captured these images which are now part of the campaign.

MD: And what would you say is your best memory of entertaining over cocktails? Have you ever hosted a dinner party at your house? Or a pre cocktail event or a pool party?

MK: Yeah, I’ve had a pool party. Well, I love having people over at my house and I couldn’t say one specific time was more fun than the other, because every time is fun and every time is different and every person is different and brings a different energy to the setting.

MD: What would you say your favourite memory is over cups of tea? Have you ever had a really nice tea party or sat down to tea with someone of note? 

MK: Well, just sitting and having a tea with my grandma is one of my favourite things because she just loves to talk and I love to listen. And so when we sit down and have a cup of tea and I can just sit there and listen to her and listen to her giggle. I’m going to have to record her giggle because it just makes me so happy.

Just recently, I actually sat down and had a tea one-on-one with Mrs Abe, the wife of the Prime Minister of Japan. And she is such an inspiring woman who is doing so many great things for Japan and for women actually, and helping empower women. Sitting with her and having that tea was definitely one of my most memorable moments. It was really refreshing to meet a like-minded soul who is also out there really trying to do her best to empower women. And so we just had an incredible conversation, even though there was a translator there. We were really connected and that was really nice.

MD: And what would you say your go-to cocktail is?

MK: Well, my go-to drink of choice is organic champagne. Organic One is the label and is called Blanc de Blanc and it’s an incredible champagne because it’s bio-dynamically grown, it’s organic, and on the back of the packaging there’s a special message—and I’m all about special messages, it says “to invigorate the senses and renew the spirit”, and so that to me feels like “oh wow, this is good.” It feels very uplifting.

MD: And what is your last-minute go to recipe for entertaining?

MK: Oh well, it depends on the time frame. I mean I could easily do just grilled salmon, salad and sweet potato mash—that doesn’t take too long.

MD: What is your idea of the perfect dinner party?

MK: Well, the perfect dinner party is really all about the company and planning. So having all of the food prepared beforehand, so that you can make everyone feel really comfortable, and having the little tea lights lit and beautiful flowers and having great music.

MD: And what is your best tip for entertaining at home?

MK: Being prepared in advance, and setting the ambiance, and if it’s in the winter time and you have a fireplace, setting the fire or lighting candles and having the music, so it is soothing and not too intense when you’re actually sitting down and having a meal. Make sure the lighting is soft and you have fresh flowers, even if you pick fresh flowers from the garden, it makes all the difference.

MD: Who do you regularly entertain in your Malibu home?

MK: My son (laughs). No, I have people, like friends come over all the time, pretty much every day. So everyone always knows that when they come to my house there’ll always be food, there’s always fresh organic food, whether I’m making a whole meal, whether it’s cheese and crackers. There’s always fresh food available at my house, and everyone’s always welcome.

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