Inside Miranda Kerr’s Malibu Beach House

Lauren Powell
PHOTO: Courtesy of Vogue Living

Miranda Kerr’s Malibu beach house is truly as stunning as her, and that’s obviously saying a lot. The Australian model and businesswoman relocated from the Big Apple—were she resided for over a decade—to California’s famous seaside city of Malibu just over a year ago with her four year-old son, Flynn.

The 1960’s three bedroom property is the ultimate beach house. Its bright, white peaked structure streams an abundance of natural light inside, while the styling is relaxed, chic, and wrapped by a verandah overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s this charming, laid-back aesthetic that reminds Kerr of her Australian childhood.

Kerr made the decision to move away from the hustle and bustle of New York City purely for the luxury of more space.  “I do love New York, but I feel like having Flynn, it’s important for him to have outdoor space and room to play,” Kerr told Vogue Living. “In the mornings, he likes to go up and look at the garden and see what strawberries might have grown, or he likes to ride his scooter around or swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline. It’s not a lifestyle we could have in New York.”

Scroll down to take the tour through photos courtesy of Vogue Living.

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