We're Not Psychic, But You're About to See This Colour Combination Everywhere

Nicole Singh

There's a common question we often ask ourselves: "Should we paint this room?" We can probably blame all the new colour trends always enticing us to step away from our safe white walls and delve into bolder choices. The freshest colour combination for spring and summer we've been seeing in the interior design community? Mint and black. 

Before you question this surprising partnership, hear us out. When mint green is used as a highlight colour and paired with the stability of black tiles and/or trims, the two work together seamlessly to create an interesting and yet calming space. Science also backing this up with green proving to evoke feelings of freshness and lightness due to the eye requiring little adjustment to the shade. From kitchens to bedrooms, interiors writer Nancy Mitchell from Apartment Therapy swears by it, too. "The mint is cool, refreshing, gentle: the black adds an unexpected contrast and a modern edge. The vibe is a little bit Art-Deco Miami, with a little bit of Memphis thrown in for good measure."

Scroll through to see the favourite looks we pinned today and shop the pieces that let you get a taste of the colour trend.

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