Dust Off Your Résumé—You'll Want to Work in This Minimal Office Space

Jonathan Steinitz

There are places where you do your work, and there are places where you get inspired. But can the two be one and the same? The modern workplace is a concept that’s ever-evolving. First, it was coveting the corner office instead of the cubicle. Next, it was all about communal workspaces. And even more recently, remote work has been on the rise. So if you are going to head into the office, you want it to be somewhere that’s inspiring, a place that sets the right tone for the work to be done.

We recognise the importance of a chic office space that promotes both productivity and creativity; after all, our own L.A. headquarters was designed with those exact principles in mind. And we’re equally obsessed with the Los Angeles office of jewellery startup MOTIF for the same reason. Located in Venice and designed by Stefani Stein, the workspace-meets-showroom-meets–event venue reflects a clear company vibe: creative, fashion-forward, and all about showcasing the sparkle of the product. And from the very first glance, the design features in this minimal modern office had us considering dusting off our résumés.

Gordon Wang, founder and CEO, describes MOTIF as “a new digital tastemaker partnership platform that gives digital influencers the opportunity to become their own fashion brand rather than merely promoting others.” So what exactly happens in the office? MOTIF’s team of artists and designers collaborate with fashion influencers to create limited-edition jewellery collections, so the company needed a space to accommodate versatility, including office spaces, a by-appointment showroom, and event spaces for product launches and celebrations. Stein’s final design features clean, modern lines along with natural, textural wood finishes for a backdrop that amplifies the shine of MOTIF’s jewellery.

Ready to see chic minimalism at work? Designer Stefani Stein tells us about her inspiring design for MOTIF’s office space below.

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