Minimalists Will Rejoice at This Stunning Neutral New Zealand Home

Sacha Strebe

When it comes to interior design, the Southern Hemisphere has things on lock, if we don't say so ourselves. This killer home, featured on Sight Unseen, belongs to New Zealand creatives Bec Dowie and husband Paul, the co-founders of hip furniture brand Douglas and Bec. Upon viewing their simple design style, it seems life truly does imitate art; their company’s minimalistic mind-set has certainly influenced their approach to interiors. We love the branching bubble chandelier above the dining table and the tan sofa, which looks like leather but is actually a beautiful linen. “We’re hands-on—we’re always making something,” says Dowie. “People ask, ‘What’s your next collection?’ And there is no next collection—we’re always rolling, all the time.” Living the dream.

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