Mindy Kaling's All-Time Most Inspiring Quotes

Dana Covit

We all know Mindy Kaling is hilarious, adorable, and all kinds of smart. She's that amazing combination of qualities that makes you seriously wish she were your best friend. To our great luck, Kaling is no stranger to extending her advice and wisdom to the masses, whether by way of her Twitter account, her best-selling book, or her interviews. Scroll to read some of her best.

Be confident.

"If you got it flaunt it, if you don't got it, flaunt it."

Stop chasing the "effortless" standard.

"Effortless is overrated. 2015 is about being effortful. Way sexier."

Mind over matter.

“Sometimes, you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.”

It gets better!

“What I’ve noticed is that almost no one who was a big star in high school is also big star later in life. For us overlooked kids, it’s so wonderfully fair.”

It takes work.

“A lot of people ask how to get to where I am, and the single biggest thing, which is not profound, is that I work like a dog. And I work seven days a week. I have done that since forever. I can’t stress that enough."

There's more to it.

“More than half the questions I am asked are about the politics of the way I look. What it feels like to be not skinny/dark-skinned/a minority/not conventionally pretty/female/etc. It’s not very interesting to me, but I know it’s interesting to people reading an interview. Sometimes I get jealous of white male showrunners when 90% of their questions are about characters, story structure, creative inspiration, or, hell, even the business of getting a show on the air. Because as a result the interview of me reads like I’m interested only in talking about my outward appearance and the politics of being a minority and how I fit into Hollywood, blah blah blah. I want to shout, ’Those were the only questions they asked!'”

Be your own biggest fan.

"'Why the f*ck not me?' should be your motto."


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