Why Millennials Are Staying Married Longer Than Their Parents

Sacha Strebe

Millennials are often criticised for being the "me generation" but when it comes to marriage, that's turned out to be a good thing. It's because they are thinking about themselves first, that they're waiting longer to marry, and therefore staying married longer. Why? Cohabitation. A new study from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research found "cohabitation is now the typical pathway into marriage." Millennials prefer to live with someone first so they can test their long-term compatibility and establish whether that relationship is for life, or not. The research states that about two-thirds of women who first married in the last decade cohabited prior to marriage, and the rate of women cohabiting in the last 23 years has risen by 82%.  Sociologists are suggesting that this new living-together-first trend could also be driving the divorce rates down. 

Assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State University, Corinne Reczek labelled cohabitation as a "trial marriage" and that living with your significant other first can prevent mismatched couples from tying the knot that might usually end up in divorce.

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