Need A Break? Try This Trans-Seasonal Getaway

Rebecca Jobson

Mile End Glamping 

 Being a typical Australian, we often shudder at even the thought of a crisp winter chill. Usually after a coastal, balmy escape, this winter, I have been determined to make the most of this season. So, with ceasing the day in mind, I decided I was going to find a way to turn my winter blues into an opportunity for the perfect frosty getawaySo if you're in need of a holiday that doesn't require a passport, see below. 

the place


Mile End Glamping 

Mile End Glamping, Yelverton, Western Australia.

the space


Mile End Glamping 

These luxury eco domes are far from camping as you know it. They provide all the benefits that you get from a regular camping trip: Living outdoors with an incredible view of the stars, the sound of nothing but nature's call. But, there's also the added luxury of a 5-star hotel room. The closed space meaning that you don't get eaten alive by mosquitos, top of the line heating for those chilly winter nights, a kitchen and bathroom and a four poster bed fit for a king and queen. Sounds like heaven right? Well, that's exactly what it is.

the room


Mile End Glamping 

Equipped with your own private kitchenette and bathroom, this two person eco dome is a little slice of design heaven. All the comfort of being indoors, but one side of the dome has a clear cover to make you feel like you are out under the stars. Certainly made with romance at heart, the domes contain an indoor fire place feature, and a large deck with an outdoor spa bath which was certainly the highlight for us. What screams romance more than a bubble bath in a blissfully quiet place, with more stars than a city slicker can fathom and a bottle of red wine?


Want to impress that special someone or have an extra special occasion in mind? Pre-organise a private chef to wine and dine you while you sit and take it all in without even batting an eye lid. Gourmet hampers with bottles of sparkling and the finest local Margaret River produce can also be an option if you are one of those people like myself that consider a cheese board as dinner. 

The only downside is that there are only two of the domes on the property, so booking in advance is a must. It's also an adult only facility so if you're a parent organise yourself a babysitter and pack your bags!

Rooms vary from $295.00 + GST off peak and $375.00 + GST during peak season. And it's only 25 minutes outside of the famous Maragret River winery region, why not make a trip of it. Wine and Dine and romance at its absolute finest!

Pack these in your bag for added indulgence. 

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This robe makes it impossible to leave the house. Trust us. 

Aesop Boston Travel Kit ($75)

These handy sizes allow you to treat your skin to a holiday too. 

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