The Type of Man Most Likely to Make Women Orgasm, According to Science

Kelsey Clark


It may be near impossible to whittle the female orgasm down to an exact science. But researchers from the University of Albany have uncovered some interesting patterns in terms of the type of man typically giving them in heterosexual relationships.

The team surveyed 54 anonymous, college-aged, heterosexual women in committed relationships, finding that their frequency of orgasms was related to their partner's "family income, his self-confidence, and how attractive he was," reads the abstract. The survey posed questions regarding the participants' sexual behaviour, prior sexual experience, feelings toward their partner, and certain physical and psychological features of their partner. All of the participants were enrolled in a psychology course and completed the survey for class credit.

What's more, orgasm intensity was dependent upon how attracted the women were to their partners, the frequency of sexual intercourse, and how attractive their friends perceived their partner to be. Broad shoulders, a sense of humour, intelligence, focus, and determination also proved to be sexually attractive traits, with participants initiating sex more often and experiencing more satisfying orgasms with partners possessing these traits.

Of course, the extremely small sample size, limited age range, and specific participation requirements are definitely worth noting. If anything, the survey highlights some interesting yet relatively unsurprising relationship patterns pertaining to this group of heterosexual women, rather than all heterosexual women at large.


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