Megan Morton Shares Her Most Inspiring Travel Tips

Lauren Powell

We’re forever searching for new places to explore, the coolest new restaurants to dine at, hidden gems that you don’t read about in travel guides, and genius travel hacks that help make every adventure a breeze. It’s no secret that the best travel recommendations come from trusted experts and seasoned travellers—enter, Megan Morton. The renowned interior stylist and self-confessed travel enthusiast has shared her top travel tips and tricks in an inspiring video created in collaboration with travel and lifestyle communications agency, Wanderlust Union. Read on to find out the country that took her breath away, where she escapes to go off grid, and her must-have travel essentials. Globetrotters, you’re welcome.

What is your travel motto?

“My travel motto is never hide your enthusiasm.”

Do you ever travel alone?

“I want to say yes to that, but in truth I try my hardest not to and I avoid it at all cost and I’ll make friends with any random in the airport or in the aeroplane to ensure that I’m with someone because I do think travel is a shared experience.”

The country that took your breath away?

“Always India. I will make fake dates to be in India, I will change itineraries, I will swap planes out to get to India any time of the year, any day of the season, there needs to be no reason.”

Where do you go to get ‘off grid’?

“Eggs and Bacon Bay in Tasmania—can you even believe it is called that?”

What hotels are you dying to stay at?

Grand Hotel and Spa in Parco Dei Principi, Rome and the House of Light Hotel in Japan designed by James Turrell.”

What are your travel hacks?

“I only know IKEA hacks… Memorise your passport number.”

What is your favourite restaurant?

“My favourite restaurant is Spring Restaurant in London’s Somerset House—Skye Gyngell’s incredible restaurant.”

What is your favourite travel momento?

“My favourite travel memento would have to be something you can buy at a flea market or a market where you can buy ribbons, buttons, tea-towels, loose change—lovely things you can find that are full of such immense charm and take up such little space.”

What are your travel essentials?

“My travel essentials are quite simple—Verso face mask, Olympus camera because it goes straight to wi-fi, and a notebook that is unlined. I really don’t like lined notebooks when I’m traveling because you can’t draw beautiful pictures.”

For more travel tips, head to Wanderlust Union to watch the video with Morton and shop her travel essentials below.

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