Megan Morton’s 7 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive (On a Budget)

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Photography by Jason Busch. Styling by Megan Morton.

A beautiful interior doesn’t always mean an expensive interior. But we can certainly make it seem expensive. With a few genius interior tricks, it’s so simple to take a space from pretty to polished. Renowned interior stylist, Megan Morton, has revealed her top tips on making your bedroom look more expensive—on a budget. Read on to find out how to take your bedroom from regular to refined without even looking at your savings account.

1. Simplify.

Reduce the amount of furniture for a more premium look. If you look closely at shelter magazines or Pinterest, the really decadent spaces are generally sparse, but chic—so less things play a harder A-game! 

2. Uniform colours.

Painting a room outright one colour (whether it be exposing white or decadent hunter green) gives a uniformed feeling. Don’t ever fall for the single feature wall in the bedroom ever! It makes things look disjointed and amateur. 

3. Play with scale.

A bedroom can go from ho-hum to amazing by playing with scale. And trust me when I tell you that there is nothing like an oversized minimal four-poster to fill that room! I find most bedrooms have too much furniture in them and can look stuffy quite quickly. A four-poster bed fills the space and does away with the stress of adding art work to fill side walls. 

4. Hang quality art.

Only hang art that is good. This can be poster or paper art, but good art is something you can tell before you actually even see the price tag, I believe. It also means that a big piece is not necessarily expensive as sometimes smaller pieces can say premium just as loudly as an oversized piece. 

5. Incorporate premium materials.

Choose at least one large item that has a high perceived value (think copper, glass, crystal, or soaped oak, etc.) in a prominent position.

6. Opt for natural hues.

Natural and whitewash tones take the lead when it comes to luxe. A natural colour palette is the key to be able to create a room with full va-va-voom as you can subtly or dramatically change the ambience by adding pops of colour and experiment with accessories like bed linen, cushions, and throws.

7. Choose baskets over planters.

Baskets provide the perfect alternative to traditional plant holders and liven up a space without needing heavy investment—easy and timeless.

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How do you give your bedroom a luxe look for less? Share with us your tips below!

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