Would You Eat From a Fashion Illustration?

Lauren Powell

Megan Hess is one of Australia’s most desirable and talented fashion illustrators, and her impressive client list includes Chanel, Candace Bushnell, Vanity Fair and Saint Laurent. The once graphic designer has now extended her offering of limited-edition prints, scarfs and homewares into dinnerware. And it’s the most fashionable dinnerware we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

The Table Top Collection, aptly titled The Couture Show, consists of porcelain plates, a table runner and linen napkins embellished in her signature sophisticated illustrations. “I really wanted to bring my world of fashion and sketches to the table—I imagined a collection that felt like a Paris couture show in the middle of your dining table,” explains Hess. “Each plate tells a whimsical story in gold handwriting that forms the trim of each design.” This could be your most stylish Christmas yet.

Shop the delightful collection below and give your dining table a serious update.

Which item do you love most from Hess’s table top collection?

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