The 5 Lifestyle Items Megan Gale Can’t Live Without

Lauren Powell

Just when you thought this model, actress, mum and fashion designer had done it all, Megan Gale just added another feather to her cap—homewares designer. The fashion icon and one of our favourite Australians, Gale is the latest name to collaborate with Target to launch a homewares collection—a venture that has been holding a place on her bucket list. “I have always seen home interiors as an extension of personal style, and creating my own homewares range has been something I have wanted to explore for some time,” says Gale. The collection, aptly named MG Australia and available in-store now, includes a selection of 100 percent cotton quilt cover sets and sheets, along with accent pieces including throws, cushions and towels.

To celebrate the new collection—which is inspired by some of the world’s most stunning cities—we caught up with Gale to talk all things interiors including her best styling tip, her last home purchase and the lifestyle items she can’t live without.

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MYDOMAINE: How would you describe your interior style?

MEGAN GALE: Simplistic, with a modern twist—mainly monochromatic palette with splashes of colour here and there.

MD: What is the last item you bought for your home?

MG: I actually haven’t purchased anything for about six months maybe slightly longer! I believe it was a Megan Weston artwork.

MD: What is your best interior styling tip?

MG: Refresh your decor and furnishings by introducing new accessories such as cushions, a throw rug, perhaps new towels and bathmats. They are a relatively inexpensive way to change things up and create a new look and feel instantly.

MD: What are the 5 lifestyle items you cant live without?


1. European cushions: I love sitting up in bed reading or working on my laptop and it gives great back support.

2. Throw rugs: I love being snuggled up and warm.

3. Vases: Because I’m obsessed with flowers and constantly have them around the house!

4. Artwork: I’m a keen collector and love how art can transform a room in your house and have an impact on people when they see it. 

5.Candles: I have an addiction to them and love having them all over the house and I travel with them, too. They make me feel calm and centred plus they smell divine.

MD: What lives on your bedside table?

MG: A framed photo of my son, a candle, sometimes a small posey of flowers and the baby monitor.

MD: As the range is inspired by travel, can you tell us your favourite holiday destination and why?

MG: It’s hard to pick just one and I didn’t include this one in the range but I would have to say Tahiti. Being part Polynesian I just really connected to that place and the people on such a deep level and the island way of life.

MG: What is your favourite item from MG Australia range?

MD: So, so difficult to pick just the one item, but I love the Cocco throw. So great to curl up with on the couch, a great added layer on the bed and it’s a fab travel blanket!

What’s your favourite item from the MG Australia collection? Tell us below!

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