7 Unprofessional Meeting Mistakes You Might Not Know You’re Making

Lauren Powell


While meetings may not be the most thrilling part of your of working day or week, they can be the biggest (and easiest) opportunity you have to demonstrate your talent and hard work in front of colleagues, managers and stakeholders, so it’s crucial to put your best foot forward every time you enter the boardroom. From preparing a strong agenda to introducing yourself before proceedings kick off, there are a handful of easy-to-adopt habits that can do more for your career than you have ever considered.   

Barbara Pachter, a career coach and author of The Essentials Of Business Etiquette, revealed her top tips for meetings to Business Insider Australia, sharing advice on how to maintain a positive and professional image, so you can kick career goals one agenda at a time. Read on to adopt smart meeting habits and for your chance to accelerate up the career ladder.

1. Mingle with others before the meeting starts. If you have the opportunity, introduce yourself to everyone attending the meeting if you haven’t met prior.

2. Always stand when you’re being introduced. Standing help increase your presence and commitment to the meeting.

3. Have a strong agenda. If you’re the one running the meeting, it’s crucial to have a clear schedule and stay on track.

4. Come prepared. Ensure you’re across the agenda and objective of the meeting, and be ready to ask and answer questions.

5. Do not have your phone out. Just like it is when dining out, having your phone on the table is rude as it can be distracting to others. If you must take a call, ensure you leave the room.

6. Be concise. Avoid rambling during a meeting—be short, sharp, and to the point.

7. Sit appropriately. Adjust your chair, sit up straight, and uncross your legs to keep a professional presence during the meeting.

For more meeting etiquette rules, head to Business Insider Australia and shop this leather notebook to ensure you show up looking the part.

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