Martha Stewart Answers All Your Burning Paint Questions

Gabrielle Savoie

We may think we know a lot about paint colours and decorating in general, but there's no way we'll ever come close to Martha Stewart's depth of expertise. The media maven built an empire on her knowledge of homemaking and decorating, from ways to declutter your bathroom counter to paint colours that increase your home's selling price to how to organise your linen closet. So when Stewart launched her new paint line at Michaels, we had to pick her brain on all things paint colour.

Far from simply asking her questions at random, we asked our Instagram followers what burning paint questions they were actually struggling with right now—and picked the most popular ones for Stewart to answer herself. Curious to know if dark colours actually make a room feel smaller or how to match paint colours to an existing wall? Don't start painting a room without reading this first. Get paint ideas from the master homemaker herself.

Next up: This designer-approved paint colour trend will be everywhere.

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