How Marrying the Right Person Affects Your Career, According to Science

Meghan Rooney

Marcin Tyszka for Apart

It's long been understood that hard work and determination ultimately lead to success. But a recent study highlighted by Inc. introduces another determining factor, one we must admit comes as quite the curveball.

We'll just get it out there in the open: Scientific research suggests that who you marry has a significant impact on whether or not you'll be successful. While this may put a bit more pressure on finding the perfect life partner, the study makes sense in that your spouse's support (or lack thereof) influences your performance in the workplace—for better or worse.

According to the study, when you choose to marry a positive, reliable, and trustworthy partner, you'll begin to emulate the best aspects of that personality, which will lead you to success in not only life but also your chosen career. "These results demonstrate that the dispositional characteristics of the person one marries influence important aspects of one's professional life," said one of the study's researchers. In other words, when your spouse sets a good example, you'll be motivated to improve yourself at home and in the workplace too.

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