Margaret Zhang Always Dishes Out the Best Advice

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

We’ve already discovered that Australian stylist and photographer, Margaret Zhang is not just a pretty face. (Let’s be honest, we always knew this.) However, after scrolling through her creative site, Shine By Three, we came to the realisation that Zhang is like the best friend we wish we had— there to tell us when we’ve messed up, when we shouldn't text him back, and gives reassurance when we are freaking out about the invisible wrinkle on our neck. With her witty disquisition, Zhang let’s us know that everything is going to be okay, and she’s always seeing the funny side in things—something we should all strive towards doing more.

Keep scrolling for our favourite Margaret Zhang idiosyncrasies, then shop some stylish finds (Zhang-approved, of course).



“The most cost-effective way to shop at this moment in time is to make your investments at the high end, and fill out with the low, but nothing in-between. Recycle, repurpose, layer, deconstruct, and buy tran-seasonally to get as much out of what you own as possible. Nobody cares if it’s ‘this season’.”

“There is no universal image of success. There is no secret sauce. There is no quick fix. Success is not even the payoff of hard work—it’s just the acceptance of said hard yards.”

“So where would you wear this outfit? ‘To buy groceries,’. I said each time.”

“It’s okay to stop for a second and be proud of what you’ve done.”

“There’s always a line. To stay sane, you need the separation of your emotional perspective and the outward facing persona you present to the world.”

“It’s okay to be wiped out from working bloody hard. Just take it easy. Therein lies the reward.”

Margaret Zhang for Shine by Three

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