The One Thing Mandy Moore Never Does in the Morning to Stay Productive

A faint change in the seasons is only mildly detectable as I pull down a winding gravel road in the Malibu mountains on a fall Saturday night. As I approach One Gun Ranch, a biodynamic farm with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, the air is still warm as evening sets in. The only clue that it's not the middle of summer is the sun's quick approach toward the horizon, creating a golden hour halo of light well before 6 p.m. (this was a few weeks before devastating fires roared through the region, taking a toll on the community that calls this oasis their home).

It's a fitting location for the occasion: an intimate dinner with Mandy Moore to celebrate women and her partnership with Fossil. Surrounded by gardens of fresh fruits and vegetables produced by hardworking farmers who harvest according to the moon, sun, and planets, the property buzzes with productivity, even as we sit down to a relaxing dinner.

Moore, too, is no stranger to hard work. Her current role on NBC's This Is Us requires she transform physically and emotionally nearly every episode. In addition to her recent step back into the acting spotlight, she's somehow found the time to help design a variety of digital watch dials for Fossil inspired by her home in Pasadena. She recently renovated and designed the home with the help of Sarah Sherman Samuel and even hosted her intimate wedding ceremony with singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith on the property.

In order to glean some of Moore's productivity expertise, I sat down with the actress to talk about how she relieves stress and stays motivated on hectic days. Find out how she stays on top of her game—no matter what.

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