The 18 Most Gentlemanly Man Caves

Peter Dolkas

OK fellas, it's time to get serious. You've been given a space to stake your claim, plant your roots, and call the shots. How will you use this power? If you've turned to a Barcalounger and a beer keg, you've gone in the wrong direction. Your cave should be manly, of course, but gentlemanly. Channel the likes of James Bond, Paul Newman, or Steve McQueen. Opt for a well-stocked bar instead of a keg, well-designed leather seating instead of a recliner, and modern art instead of a pin-up. See below for more advice on the matter; and ladies, if your listening, here are some ways you can give your man a little guidance.

Amass an Art Collection

The cave is the perfect place to showcase your taste for art. Perhaps those pieces that you purchased for the bachelor pad don't fit in with the rest of the house? The walls of your man cave can house your collection proudly. Look for modern pieces with clean graphic lines, or tip your hat to the gentlemen that have come before you with an antique oil-painted portrait.


Sink Into Leather

Leather is just as essential to a man cave as vermouth to a martini. Without it, the space will be basic and boring. Whether you go with black, brown, or cognac; the more worn it is, the better. That means, all those lazy days you'll spend lounging in your cave will actually be very productive.


Direct Your Lighting

Sculptural, indirect lighting is a motif in many of these man caves. A standard (female-approved) lamp with a basic linen shade has no place here. Instead, plug in task lamps or table lamps with opaque shades. The indirect light these fixtures provide will keep the room feeling moody (and avoid any glare on the flat screen).


Curate Your Books

Although your man cave will surely be technologically outfitted to the nines, it's important to remember the time-worn luxury a well-curated library provides. Display your favourite books on the coffee table, leaving room for game-time snacks of course. The presence of books will make any guest feel welcome to curl up in your (leather) seating and take advantage of the stylish room you've created.


For more manly inspiration, check out our Masculine Design board on Pinterest.

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