If You Like Making a Murderer, You'll LOVE These True Crime Shows

Lisa Patulny

I’ve been obsessed with true crime since long before it was trending. (Not sure if that makes me sound ahead of the curve or just, you know, creepy.) My fiancé often comes home to me watching the CI channel and exclaims: “Again? Why can’t you just watch Say Yes to The Dress like other girls?” For me, the attraction boils down to my fascination with criminal psychology (Fun fact: I once spent a year doing psychology at uni) and my inner science nerd’s interest in the intricacies of forensic science.

I was an early adopter of Serial and the second I heard about Making a Murderer I cleared my schedule to rush home and binge watch the bulk of it in a single night. Like just about everyone else, I was immediately captivated. (I still am. I routinely click on anything and everything MaM-related in my Facebook feed.) Since finishing the series I’ve made a hobby of searching for any and all true crime content available to feed my addiction. If you too have a fascination for things dark and dangerous, allow me to intro you to the other crime documentaries I’ve enjoyed. Lock your doors and keep scrolling!

What are your favourite crime shows? Share your suggestions with us below!

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