Now You Can Literally Step Into the Stylish World of Mad Men

Dana Covit

From the moment we were first introduced to Don, Peggy, Pete, Joan, and the rest of the Mad Men universe way back in 2007, there was no mistaking that this was a time and place fully realised. Each storytelling detail—set design, costumes, historical elements tracing throughout our fictional tale, even hairstyles—so meticulously drawn that by now, as its seventh and final season looms, many fans feel woven into the very fabric of the show, as engaged and invested in the story and characters as the actors themselves.

It’s why a museum exhibition dedicated to the world of the AMC series should come as no surprise; there are countless stellar details to explore—and an audience eager to do so. The exhibit, which opens on March 14 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY (just before the April 5 premiere of the final season's second half), reassembles sets, showcases costumes and props, explores early documents belonging to series creator Matthew Weiner, and more. For any major fan of the show, it’s an opportunity to delve further into the Mad Men world you won’t want to miss.

The exhibit will run through June 14 and will be accompanied by a screening series of the films Weiner made the cast and crew watch to get into the uniquely enveloping mindset of the show’s setting. To get a peek at the exhibit, scroll now!

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