These Are the Best Low-Carb Cookies to Make for a Healthy-ish Treat

I'm not going to lie: Cookies used to be my love language. I once even baked the ultimate batch for a guy I was dating (soon after, he told me we couldn't talk while he studied for the bar exam… so smooth). Since then, I've been less likely to bake a whole batch of cookies; it just feels too personal to share. I know, I shouldn't feel that way, but I also don't want a whole bunch of cookies in my apartment—the temptation to eat them all is too great.

And this is where low-carb cookies come in. Because in all reality, you could eat the whole batch—and it's not that bad. Who knew that with some simple tweaks you could enjoy cookies without all the extra carbs? (If I had, I probably wouldn't have waited years to whip some up just for myself.) And these aren't your run-of-the-mill cookies either: Oh, no, they're peanut butter–and-raspberry, shortbread, and even chocolate avocado. So keep reading to get your cookie fix the healthier way.

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