Yes, It's Possible: Low-Carb Bread Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

Dacy Knight

Busy days alwyas have us craving comfort food, and there's no better cure than our favourite dessert, or a hearty dish than a warm, freshly baked piece of bread. But as we give into our seasonal cravings, our healthy eating habit is at risk of being compromised. The best way to stay faithful to healthy food choices is to cook everything yourself—so we've rounded up cosy bread recipes that won't tally up the carbs.

In addition to committing to using a gluten-free flour such as almond flour and nixing other carb-heavy ingredients for nutritious alternatives, you can curb your carb intake by baking bread that boasts fewer carbs than a typical loaf. Zucchini bread, cornbread, and Paleo bread are three such iterations that carry about half the carbs of your standard loaf of bread. Better yet is that these low-carb bread recipes don't compromise on flavour. Instead, they're packed with fresh herbs, ginger, and a spicy kick of jalapeño.

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