Prediction: These Will Be the Top Living Room Trends in 2019

Gabrielle Savoie

Just as it's a stretch to believe that everyone swaps out their bedding every season, it's unrealistic to think we should redecorate our living room every year. After all, between the costs and time associated with the endeavour, chances are you have bigger fish to fry. But sometimes, all it takes is one or two small accessories thrown into your already existing décor to completely transform your space and bring it up to speed with today's taste.

The secret lies in knowing exactly what trends to introduce to your space to give it that coveted cutting-edge look. No matter whether you're thinking of redecorating your living room from scratch, giving it a fresh coat of paint, or simply revamping it with a few trendy accents, we rounded up six major trends that are expected to be huge next year. From pink marble to tripod chairs and built-in sofas, there are the top living room trends for 2019. 

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