Being a Good Leader Takes Less Time and Energy Than You Think

Lauren Powell


Lisa Messenger is the poster girl for all aspiring entrepreneurs around the country. As the CEO of the Messenger Group, founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub, author of 16 books, and a motivational speaker, it’s no surprise Messenger sits high on our list of inspirational women. Not only is she an ideas woman with game-changing perspective, she is also a respected leader to her team of 25-plus staff.

The Sydney-local recently spoke to Sporteluxe and divulged her best leadership advice—#GirlBosses, get your notebooks at the ready. “Be a great communicator. Understand that everyone has different motivators. Some are motivated by title, others money (not many in my world), others by recognition, others by having animals in the office etc.”

She also believes that by simply being a good person will create a happy, efficient, and inspired workplace. “Be kind, be fair, reward people, and empower people. Create an extraordinary workplace where people love to be every day.” Adding, “create an extraordinary vision and be able to communicate it to everyone so that they can see the greater goals—also let each individual communicate their own vision and support them to achieve it.”

Leaders around the world, take note.

Head to Sporteluxe to read the full interview with Messenger, and shop her latest book Daring and Disruptive ($29).

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