This Is What a Perfect LinkedIn Profile Looks Like, According to an Expert

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If used to its full potential, LinkedIn can be one of the most invaluable networking and career tools. Whether you’re job hunting or not, keeping your profile updated and active can be more beneficial than you first thought. A recent study reveals a massive 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates while almost half use it to approach job hunters. In shot: An underutilised profile could cost you a job and you won’t even know about it.

In light of this prominent statistic, when we caught wind of business and personal coach and author of Work In Purpose, Jennifer Lander’s, LinkedIn’s do’s and don’ts on Sporteluxe, we took note. “The majority of HR managers and recruiters look at LinkedIn profiles when searching and recruiting for roles as do other people who you have connected with professional for business opportunities —if you haven’t put your best foot forward on LinkedIn you are disadvantaging yourself,” Lander told Sporteluxe. “A large number of jobs go unadvertised. LinkedIn is a way to attract opportunities to you, rather than only apply for jobs or cold calling for business development.” Scroll on for Lander's top tips to leverage your LinkedIn account and never miss out on a potential dream job again.


1. Use a professional looking photo (no selfies at Friday night drinks!), with clothes and grooming appropriate for your industry.

2. Ensure your profile is complete and include your skills, capabilities as well as outcomes and achievements you have delivered.

3. Connect and interact with others in your industry or areas of interest (like and comment on others posts and follow pages of experts in your industry).

4. “Share content—ideally write your own content, either post on LinkedIn or linked to content you have posted on other channels e.g. website, social media, blog. This puts you ahead of others because you are ‘adding-value’ and building your credibility as an expert.


1. Unprofessional profile pic.

2. Incomplete profile.

3. Spelling mistakes (make sure you proofread your profile!).

3. Being passive on LinkedIn—connect, share content, and like others content.

4. Reaching out to others with an annoying “Hi, can you help me” type messages. Do your research and add value to the person you want to connect with. For example, send them an article in their area of interest, detail how you can help them in their business or organisation. Make it about how you can help them, not what you can get for yourself—this will separate you from the norm.

For more tips on how to imporve your LinkedIn profile, head to Sporteluxe and shop 120 Way to Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn ($24).

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