5 Successful Mothers Share Their Best Time Management Tips

Georgie Abay

In her first column for MyDomaine Australia, The Grace Tales and Atelier/Child founder, Georgie Abay, talks time management with five successful, working mums. 

Effective time management. If someone has the secret formula, I’d love to hear it. I wouldn’t say I’m the most organised person on the planet. It’s not for want of trying, it’s just that with two young kids and two businesses, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. I might not have the secret formula, but I have learnt to let go. It doesn’t bother me anymore if I can’t answer every single email or keep my house tidy all the time. I always wonder how other women manage their time and often when I’m shooting for The Grace Tales, I’ll end up chatting to the woman I’m shooting about how they juggle their time. So here’s what I’ve learnt from the successful women I’ve met. Their tips range from writing down their goals to getting up early and just like me, they’ve all learnt to relax a little…

Lindy Klim, Co-Founder of Milk & Co

PHOTO: Nikole Ramsay

Prioritise and Delegate

“My Mum worked and my grandmother worked, so I always knew that I wanted to combine family with work. I’ve become very good at prioritising and delegating! Also, the direction of my career changed after having my babies. I was moving away from modelling anyway and transitioning into more of a full time creative director role at Milk & Co. I also became more focused on building my fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. For me, time management is the hardest part of being a working mum.”

Melissa Marshall, Interior Designer

PHOTO: Julie Adams

Write Down Your Goals

“Wearing so many hats is hard. Wife, mother, career woman—it’s a lot to take on and comes with constant challenges, although also many rewards. There are so many expectations on women today to do it all. I write my goals down every year—no matter how far fetched some may seem—and it is incredible when you look back at how many you achieve. It is so important to have your own expectations of yourself and what you want to achieve in your life as an individual.”

Juliette Arent, Co-Founder of Arent & Pyke

PHOTO: Julie Adams

Look After Yourself

“I certainly don’t have time for things like I did before the girls arrived, but I don’t feel deprived in any way. I concentrate on work when I am there and then focus my attention on the girls when I am with them. It is in the car that I drink my morning coffee, sing to whatever is playing in the car, daydream and enjoy those moments of just being by myself. Apart from that I think the work/life/baby balance is best achieved when you are looking after yourself AND not being too hard on yourself. Women put such unrealistic expectations on themselves.”

Kym Rundle, Founder of Articulate PR

PHOTO: Julie Adams

Focus On What's Important

“Since becoming a mother, I’ve found I’m more present in all aspects of my life, whether it be work, parenting, spending time with friends. I’ve understood the concept of presence for many years through yoga and meditation but never really put it into practice properly until now—less of choice than by necessity. I find when I’m with my son Hamish I am completely in the moment with him. He is demanding like that! At work, I’m even more focused than before because I often have a limited time in which to complete a task. Likewise, social time with friends and family has become even more precious and if I’m doing that I’m really ‘there’ and enjoying myself. So it’s through motherhood that I’ve found I’m getting better at achieving balance across different areas of my life, albeit on a bit of a crazy schedule at times.”

Jacquline Alwill, Nutritionist and Founder of The Brown Paper Bag

PHOTO: Julie Adams

Get Up Early

“I don’t deny for a second that it has been a juggle running my own business while raising a child, but it helps immensely that I love what I do and can make the hours work for Jet and I. I get up early to get a couple of hours of work done before he wakes, so that I can then take him to school and sneak some exercise in. My tips? Make a list and time block your day. Even if time blows out a little, at least you can see where you are best allocating your time and how different times of day work for your productivity levels.”

What are your best time management tips? Share with us in the comments below!

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