Easy Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Account

Genevieve Fish

How often do you log in to your LinkedIn account? Is your profile complete and up to date? If you’re like most of the 380 million Linkedin users, you’re barely scratching the surface of LinkedIn’s potential. Social media expert and LinkedIn trainer Brian Basilico understands the resistance many of his clients have toward the B2B social media site but urges professionals to endure unwanted connection requests for the greater benefit of a strong and professionally beneficial network on LinkedIn. In his book It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon, Basilico states, “Amidst all the misunderstanding and complacency is one of the most feature-rich business search engines on the planet.”

Basilico offers one foolproof method to getting the most out of LinkedIn—remember that the names you see on screen are connected to real people that can help make your career as successful as possible. Scroll through for three ways to leverage your relationships on LinkedIn.

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