This New Delivery Service Just Proved that Foliage Is the New Flower

Lauren Powell


While our love of a beautiful bunch of blooms will never fade, there’s a new foliage delivery service in town and that's just changed our last-minute gifting ways. Say hello to Leaf Supply—Sydney’s first indoor plant delivery service that delivers greenery and potted plants to doorsteps around the city—genius.

If you want to send a gesture from the comfort of your smartphone for a birthday, as a token of appreciation, as a congratulatory present, or to celebrate a new birth (and the list goes on), what’s better than sending a gift that really does keep on giving—and that could (potentially) last forever. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of receiving a pretty alocasia, a cool fiddle leaf fig, or a ripper rhipsalis? We know we would. The best part? Each plant is sourced from local nurseries.

If being a thoughtful friend is on your New Year’s resolutions list, bookmark Leaf Supply, stat. Shop a selection of some of our favourite plant and pot combos below. Warning: There’s a 90% chance you’ll send one to yourself, too.

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