This Holiday Décor Trend Saw a 2869% Jump in Pinterest Searches This Year

If there's one place you can rely on to get a pulse for what's trending in the home décor space, it's Pinterest. The inspiration-inducing website just released its 2018 Holiday Celebrations Report, and the findings shed a light on some exciting new trends to keep an eye out for this season.

According to the report, creative table napkins, letterboard menus, and upcycled ornaments are a few holiday décor trends to watch, as they all saw significant upticks in search over the past year. However, the one trend that has been bubbling up the most this year is layered front door mats.

The home décor idea received a whopping 2869% increase in searches this year. Compared to the 540% increase that creative table napkins—the second most searched trend—saw, it's clear that layered doormats are far and wide the most exciting new holiday décor idea of the year.

It shouldn't come as too big of a surprise that layered front door mats are gaining popularity. Interior designers have long been layering rugs indoors to create texture, interest, and depth. It's also a great solution if you're unsure what size rug you need or if you don't want to invest in just one large area rug. So, it's only natural that the layered look would migrate from the living room to the front porch eventually.

To get the look, simply mix and match multiple front door mats to create a cosy, welcoming entryway. You can try pairing a thin, patterned outdoor rug with a traditional jute rug on top for a classic approach. Shop everything you need to embrace the trendy holiday décor idea below.

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