The Most Life-Changing Laundry Hacks of All Time

Dana Covit

Most people fall into two camps when it comes to laundry: those who always end up with rogue socks and slightly-pink whites, and those who have somehow mastered the art of it all. Whether you’re struggling or a seasoned professional, these hacks will cut down on time, deliver cleaner threads, and save money on steep dry cleaning tabs.

Read on for the 17 most life-changing laundry tips we’ve ever come across. You’re going to want to remember these, we promise!

  • Try a Dryel home kit to steam-clean your clothes using just your dryer. You simply put your clothes in a dryer bag with a cleaning cloth, put them in the dryer, and the solution will clean them without fading, bleeding colours, shrinking, or stretching. If Jaime King swears by it, we're on board!
  • Throw some (clean!) tennis balls into the dryer when you’re drying comforters, pillows, and other similar items to give them a good fluffing.
  • Wet clothes taking forever to dry? Add a dry towel into the mix and it will cut down the time significantly!
  • White chalk is a great way to remove grease stains. Just rub the area with it and wash as normal. Baby powder is tough on grease, too.
  • Once a year, run your wash cycle with just hot water and a bottle of white vinegar. This will clarify and clean up residue that may be accumulating in your machine and preventing your laundry from looking its best.
  • Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your wash for sparkly whites.
  • If you’ve been noticing that your favourite black denim is fading with each wash, try adding two cups of tea to your rinse cycle to help it retain its colour.
  • A ball of aluminium foil works just as a dryer sheet would—and it’s reusable!
  • For a seriously magical, all-purpose stain remover, mix one part Dawn dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide. Pour directly onto the stain. Add in baking soda for an extra scrubbing element. Let it sit for an hour or so, then launder as usual.
  • White bread can be used to blot out a lipstick stain. Don’t ask us how or why!
  • Hairspray and hand sanitizer work magic on ink stains. Just wait 10 minutes, and wash normally.
  • Did you know that dry cleaning actually shortens the lifespan of your clothing? Extend the life of your beloved pieces by dry cleaning out only when absolutely necessary, and spot cleaning in between visits.
  • Keep track of socks and small garments with the help of mesh lingerie bags.
  • Or better yet, safety pin or Velcro your socks together so they don’t lose their pair.
  • If you have a bad habit of accidentally tossing items into the dryer that you meant to air dry, use a dry-erase marker to make a list of the items you need to remove before running your dry cycle.
  • Shrunk your clothes? Try this tutorial, which suggests soaking the piece in warm water with hair conditioner to loosen the fibres. Just make sure to lay it flat to dry.
  • Freeze gum off your clothing and then scrape gently to remove.

Do you have any laundry hacks to share? Tell us in the comments.

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