5 Things to Talk About Today

Sacha Strebe
  • The Latino population now outnumbers white people in California. New population figures released by the Census Bureau last month show that as of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos live in California, suprassing the state's number of white people, which stands at 14.92 million. This shift doesn't come as a surprise to demographers, who predicted the change would occur in 2013. This makes California the first large state and the third overall—after Hawaii and New Mexico—without a white plurality, according to state officials. — Los Angeles Times
  • The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading early this morning due to a technical issue. There is no indication of a cyber attack, and it appears all other exchanges, including Nasdaq, are still operating. The suspension brings even further uncertainty as investors fear a huge sell-off in Chinese stocks on top of the ongoing crisis in Greece. — Money
  • When he's not being a seafaring pirate hunting for treasure, Jack Sparrow is visiting sick kids in Australia. Johnny Depp donned full Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales character costume and makeup to surprise the children at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Jack and one other pirate spent over three hours with the patients and their families. — Hollywood Reporter
  • Uber is testing a Suggested Pickup Points feature. The feature has been designed to save passengers time by showing places nearby where it would be quicker for the driver to pick them up. Users can drop their pin on these green dots, see the address, and then walk there to shorten their wait time. — Tech Crunch
  • Just one year after 18,000 job cuts, Microsoft says it will slash up to 7800 additional jobs. The company acquired Nokia's handset business last year with plans to become a larger player in the smartphone market. The news of the cuts arrives as Microsoft prepares for the Windows 10 product launch later this month. The operating system will work across PCs and mobile devices. — USA Today

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