This Scandinavian Design Trend Is Proven to Boost Happiness

Sophie Miura

Hygge might have been the décor buzz word of 2016, but this year, a Swedish concept is set to change the way we decorate our homes and look after our health. Enter lagom, a philosophy of moderation that guides almost every aspect of Swedish life, from home décor to food and well-being. 

Unlike hygge—the Danish idea of "cosiness" that promotes warmth and comfort—lagom is an ethos and way of life. It translates to "enough, sufficient, adequate, just right," capturing the Swedish mentality that moderation and happiness are intertwined. 

"Lagom is very much a part of everyday life, including the home," says Niki Brantmark, founder of the popular My Scandinavian Home and author of Modern Pastoral. "The Scandinavian home strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and over-cluttered, resulting in a clean, calm space that is also warm and inviting," she tells MyDomaine Australia. 

Studies suggest the Swedes might be onto something. A UCLA study found that women with more possessions have higher levels of the stress-related hormone, cortisol, while a Harvard professor found that money can buy happiness—only if it's spent on experiences, rather than things. 

Learn from the Swedes, and follow these four steps to cleanse your home and boost your happiness. 

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