Kylie Jenner Revealed Her Baby's Name—and it's Not What the Internet Predicted

Kylie Jenner just posted an adorable photo on Instagram, showing a close up of her new daughter’s hand, wrapped around her mum’s thumb. While the photo itself is undeniably adorable, that’s not the only reason we’re excited about the pic. In the caption, Kylie wrote “Stormi” alongside an emoji of a baby angel. And we can think of no other reason for the caption other than that this is the name of her daughter, which has been a mystery up until now. While posts on Twitter were speculating Butterfly would be Jenner’s choice, we have to say that Stormi is an equally surprising baby name. Whether it’s a nickname for Storm, or something longer is yet to be known—but, if nothing else, this is yet another heartwarming reveal from Kylie.  

stormi ????????

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