Designers Cringe Every Time They See This Kitchen Decorating Mistake

Gabrielle Savoie

Through years of honing their craft, interior designers come to know every nook and cranny that makes a room special. Especially in kitchens, where most of the "décor" is actually built-in, this attention to detail can make or break a space. Where we only see beautiful white subway tile backsplashes and marble countertops, they see cabinets that don't extend to the ceiling, porous materials that stain easily, and lighting fixtures that are inadequate for the space. When we gush over gorgeous farmhouse sinks and patterned ceramic tiles, they point out the lack of storage or misplaced appliances.

In short, we may think we know everything about kitchens but really, we have no idea. Sure, we can have a very clear idea of our likes and dislikes, but the minutia that comes with kitchen design is a craft that can only be learned through trial and error (or a very skilled mentor). Still want to remodel your own kitchen? We asked top kitchen designers to share the mistakes they most commonly see in other people's spaces. Are you guilty of these? Find out how you can instantly elevate the heart of your home with these kitchen designer tips. Don't make these all too frequent faux pas.

Up next: the penny-pincher's guide to styling your kitchen like a millionaire.

This post was originally published on April 3, 2017, and has since been updated.

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