10 Kitchen Organisation Tasks You Can Finish in 10 Minutes

Katie Sweeney

Having a pristine and organised kitchen makes for more efficient cooking, and if you have some time this weekend, take a tip from our friends at The Kitchn and do a little quick cleanup. The food-centric website has come up with a list of 10 tasks that can be performed in 10 minutes or less. All of these things will make your kitchen more organised and, therefore, easier to cook in. Here’s how The Kitchn recommends that you whip your cooking space into shape.

  1. Clean the sink. It’s the dirtiest part of the kitchen, so take five minutes to wipe it down with a disinfectant cleaner.
  2. Purge your cookbook collection. If your stack of cookbooks has not been touched in months, think about getting rid of the tomes you don’t use.
  3. Throw away expired canned goods. Look through your pantry and ditch any canned goods that have expired. Set aside the cans that are going to expire soon and be sure to use them in the near future.
  4. Get rid of plastic utensils. Go through your drawers and throw away any extra plastic forks, chopsticks, and paper napkins.
  5. Clean the outside of your fridge.
  6. Wipe down the countertops.
  7. Empty and wash your ice-cube trays. Let them dry completely before filling them with water to make fresh ice.
  8. Do a stock check on pantry staples. Check your levels of sugar, salt, olive oil, foil, parchment paper, and anything else that you use on a daily basis. Make a list of the things you need to get. 
  9. Oil your wooden spoons and cutting boards.
  10. Change your dish towel and sanitize your sponge or get a new one.

??My go-to kitchen cleaner is Windex with vinegar.

When was the last time you organised your kitchen?

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