Kimberly and Michael: Collective Soul

by Melissa Goldstein

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Kimberly and Michael Muller. TRADE: Children's book author (The Adventures of Fifi & Noni, Last Night I Swam With a Mermaid) and renowned entertainment and celebrity photographer and MullerPhoto app developer, respectively. VIBE: Eclectic. ABODE: Midcentury home in Fryman Canyon, Los Angeles, CA.

When Kimberly and Michael Muller first laid eyes on their house eight years ago, their focus skewed outside, rather than in: "I walked into the house and saw the view of the mountains, and no neighbours in sight," says Kimberly. "The pink and green walls and cottage cheese ceilings faded away." Of course, making said eyesores actually disappear required a remodel, and Kimberly, who was then working on her first book, took on a side career as the project's general contractor: "My husband broke two ribs because I forgot to put yellow caution tape on railings being put in," she admits. "Other then that I did a great job."

MASTERPIECE THEATRE Given the couple's creative vocations, it's not surprising that art forms the backbone of their family's residence. And each piece has a highly personal connection: the figurative painting in the master bedroom was a gift from Kimberly's grandfather, who travelled the world buying antiques for W. & J. Sloane; the metal etching of a surfer that hangs in the kitchen was a present from artist Shepard Fairey; and the majestic lion photograph in the TV room is Michael's own. But the highlight of the collection may be an overflowing inspiration board installed above the dining table, which contains family photos, paintings, and handprints by the couple's three daughters: Klara, age nine, and twins Charlotte and Edie, age six. "It is a constantly changing exhibit," Kimberly says.

ODDS AND ENDS The interior's eclectic aesthetic is a natural result of the couple's high-low taste: the patchwork poufs and vibrantly patterned throw pillows originate from such budget-spanning sources as Urban Outfitters, IKEA, and JF Chen. "I tend to go for the same colour tones so it all ends up coming together," Kimberly says. Her bedroom's serene salon vibe, on the other hand, is a happy accident; the seamless union of treasures amassed over time. "It's the room that got all of the things that didn't work anywhere else," she explains,"The oriental rug was in the living room of our old house, the period sofa had been in my office, and the NOHO Modern bedside lamps I've had for years."

TEEN DREAM Kimberly and Michael reluctantly granted eldest daughter Klara's eighth birthday wish to redo her room herself; she chose turquoise paint in homage to her surfing hobby, then wallpapered the room in Tiger Beat magazine clippings using tape. "I did everything not to cringe," Kimberly says. Ever the general contractor, mum couldn't resist completing the look: "Santa left the life-size Bieber cut-out under the tree," she says. "And the sheets and pillows were a gift from her sisters, who thought she would sleep better with visions of him dancing in her head."



Vintage Shrink's Chair in Bedroom
JF Chen
Blackman Cruz 
Coffee Table in Family Room
Lawson Fenning
Chaise Lounge in Family Room
Galerie Half
Fur Bench
Wallpaper in Bathroom
Walnut Wallpaper
Side Chair in Bathroom
Credenza, Hans Wegner
Noho Modern
Michael Muller


Photographs: Justin Coit 






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