Kim Kardashian West's Advice for Anyone Who Loves Instagram

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by Katie Fowler

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Balance. It's the fundamental thing that we are all searching for in this crazy world. Work/life, social/introverted, spend/save, the list goes on. And according to Elle, even Kim Kardashian West searches for it. As much as celebrities live in "another world"—imagine photographers and fans following your every move—people are people and we are all searching for balance in our lives. West's 100 million Instagram followers make us think her balance must be a hard one to maintain, as that amount of public attention must bring double the amount of negative criticism. "You really have to find happiness outside of the internet. You can have so much fun connecting with so many people around the world. That is so much fun, but use it for that," she advises. "I love that I have all my friends outside of my show that I grew up with, and my sisters. Have a real life too." 

Picture an old set of scales—yes, this analogy is still relevant today and probably always will be. You can't place a large rock on one side of the scale and a feather on the other and expect to have a balanced outcome. The same applies to life and in this case social media. Posting an image to your social media profile everyday and expecting the comments, likes, and followers to bring you fulfillment and joy is not realistic. Yes, it may make you excited and content at first, but then life continues and you may still be thinking, "Why did I only get 34 likes on that amazing photo from my trip to the Maldives?" West says, "Just make sure you have your balance, because that's what's so important. Everything in life is balance." And maintaining a life outside of social media ensures you have other materials adding to your happiness.

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