Kim Kardashian West Opens Up About Being a Mum

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We know Kim Kardashian West as a reality star, businesswoman, and cultural phenomenon, but to two young children, she’s just Mum. In a candid quick-fire interview with Vogue Australia, the mother to North and Saint opened up about how parenthood has changed her life and values. Here’s a glimpse at Kim Kardashian West in her most elusive role: mother.

VOGUE AUSTRALIA: Your idea of happiness?

VA: The sound or noise you love?
I get really happy when I hear my daughter waking up in the morning and hearing her voice.

VA: Biggest challenge of motherhood so far?
KKW: Two kids is a challenge, to balance the both of them.

VA: Is he a saint?
KKW: He lives up to his name like you would not believe.

VA: Biggest lesson so far?
I think I learnt a lot about life and how temporary and fragile it is—my father passing away and being at an age when I understood it—and being really compassionate.

VA: Nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
KKW: My husband got me pregnant. It’s brought me the most joy.

VA: What terrifies you?
KKW: Anything happening to my kids.

VA: What thrills you?
KKW: A night out with my husband.

VA: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
KKW: Probably … Here are the people you love.

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