10 Cool Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables

Peter Dolkas

Far gone are the days of lounging around your living room watching Netflix and munching on popcorn all day. Your lifestyle and your living room changed drastically the day you welcomed your little one into the world. The antique Noguchi coffee table may be best in storage, both for its sake and your kid's, and be replaced by a more practical solution.

Rounded edges are the first thing to look for in a kid-friendly coffee table, as you never know how rowdy playtime will get. Also, tables with built-in storage, such as the Aurea table from CB2, will be your new best friend. For a nontraditional approach, consider grouping a series of reclaimed logs, or play with Rodolfo Benetto's transformable set, which can be arranged into multiple table formations as well as a bookcase. When all is said and switched, your living room will be a lot more fun, but still ever so stylish.

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