10 Keto Soup Recipes With So Much Flavour You'll Need a Bigger Spoon

Kelly Dawson

When you're doing your best to stick to a diet, soup is often a de-facto choice. But more often than not, those soup options are either boring, bland, or from a can. If you've been following the keto diet, and you've done a stellar job of creating meals that are within its high-fat, low-carb stipulations—from cooking sheet pan meals to stocking up on snacks to even serving desserts—then don't let your soups be any different. On the keto diet, soups can be far from ho-hum.

Take our word for it when you get a look and feel for these 10 recipes. We've rounded up choices like Moroccan lentil and chickpea soup, Tuscan white bean and lemon soup, and a vegetable curry soup, and all can be made with ease. But here's what is even better: Every single one of these keto-ready soups is filled with rich flavours and distinct spices that will make you glad you filled up a bowl (and chose to get seconds).

So don't let a keto diet stop you from dipping a spoon into soups that are worthy of the main course. Given that recipes like these exist, all you have to do is pick which one you'd like to try first.

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